Lyrica is also known as pregabalin, and its primary use is to control the seizures and treat any nerve pain that results from the shingles, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and spinal cord injury. It is one of the most popular anti-epileptics prescriptions today because of its effectiveness. You cannot find any generic alternatives for Lyrica, and that renders it unique. Buying this drug at its actual cost is very expensive for an ordinary citizen, and that is this article brings you to tips that you can use to save money and minimize the cost of buying it. 

One of the ways is through the manufacturer like lyrica coupon. Most of the manufactures provide programs that minimize the cost of the Lyrica prescription. The programs are offered free but through adherence to some restrictions and rules. That is why the proper review should be done before you enroll for these programs to ensure you qualify correctly to the end. What you do once you get the coupon is that you go and present it to the pharmacist that sells this medication and you will have your Lyrica at a subsided fee. 

Secondly, you may opt to fill a 90-day supply of eliquis generic drug, and this ends up reducing the total cost on this prescription. Another benefit in line with this is that you will not go to the pharmacy as many times; hence as you save on money, you will also be saving on time. With insurance it may even be lower if you fill the prescription for your 90 days with the pharmacy. Depending on the requirements with insurance plans you can benefit from this filling for your prescription. 

The third method is through patient assistance programs. There are several programs run by the nonprofits, federal and state governments, manufacturers and various organizations that will help you in finding your prescription medicine at a reduced price. How eligible you are to these programs is based on the insurance status, income, and other factors. To apply for any program, you can do it through online, phone, or by the help of the doctor. Finally, there is the alternative of lower cost alternative which includes other prescriptions that are in a similar class and would treat your condition. They end up being cheaper, and you could consider them. If you are working with an expensive brand drug, then you may ask the doctor to prescribe you a less expensive and generic one that can still work the same way with the previous but is more affordable. To know more about prescription drugs click here: